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TAKE OUT Menu of raclette and fondue

La Raclette Savoyarde


125$/2.5KG — Half wheel.

La raclette savoyarde au lait cru spreads out in your plate. Enjoy immediately is very rich and creamy taste.

Accompaniment for raclette  25$/pers

-green salad
-parma ham
-rosette de lyon
-boiled potatoes


patatoes, cold cuts and raclette cheese on top .


Cheese Fondue 

To make at home with our delicious mix of cheese from La Savoie.

Mimosa : 43.50 per person

 Vegetables assortment, bread ,patatoes, green salade pickles and onions

Montagnarde : 43.50 per person

 Parma ham, rosette de Lyon , green salade ,patatoes, bread, pickles and onions

Meat Fondue

45.00 per person

table grill or broth fondue
5 choices of meat :
-Filet mignon

A delightful broth or grill for a memorable cooking experience. Enjoyed with a variety of hot and cold sauces

Green salad, rice pilaf, roasted potatoes


for reservations : 819-421-0801 Lydia Leblanc
-reservations in advance , places are limites-

Location machine :18$

Desert : Christmas log    7.50$